On the Grass
Soccer . . . need I say more? Nicholas playing soccer.

Brandon (L), Nicholas (R).

For a few months we had been afraid of the grass.  On May 6th, Mom and Dad took us out in one of the grassy areas in the apartment complex.  We decided that it was not so bad.  Nicholas had a harder time negotiating the sloped areas than me, Brandon.

I, Brandon, recently started pointing at things.

People sometimes ask me where a tree is and I like to point at it, and say something close to tree like 'tee'.

I also like to point at my parents, especially when they tell me "No!"


Brandon pointing at?

What is this stuff? I, Brandon, am trying to figure out where all this green stuff came from.
In case you were wondering the apartment above Brandon's head was ours from June 1999 until June 2000.